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06/06/23 Board Board Meeting TMS Board Meeting
05/30/23 Emerita Alvarado, Paul Garrison, Dolores Dalton, and Daniel Riviera First Steps To Becoming a Mediator First Steps To Becoming a Mediator PDF File
05/04/23 Malcolm Sher MCLE: Legal Ethics Some Thoughts on Post-Covid Virtual and In-Person Mediation: A Virtual, Inter-active Discussion with Malcolm
04/27/23 Board Board Meeting TMS Board Retreat
04/27/23 TMS TMS Happy Hour TMS Happy Hour –April 27 5-7pm @ HiDive Bar, Pier 28, SF
04/20/23 Ron Kelly MCLE Program Thirty-Minute Drop-In Mediations at Burning Man – A Surprisingly Successful Experiment
03/28/23 Board Board Meeting TMS Board Meeting
03/21/23 Nancy Welsh MCLE Event Could Lawyers’ Court-Connected Negotiations Represent the ‘New Mediation’?
01/31/23 Board Board Meeting TMS Board Meeting
01/24/23 ROBERT MNOOKIN, Williston Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Director of the Harvard Negotiation Research Project MCLE Society Session BARGAINING WITH THE DEVIL… TO END PUTIN’S WAR PDF File
01/12/23 California Supreme Court Justice Martin Jenkins with First District Justice Teri Jackson TMS Society Session Annual MLK Event: California’s Judicial Mentor Program: a Model for Mediators
01/10/23 James Madison and Paul Dubow MCLE Round Table Mediation Year In Review
12/13/22 Sanford Kingsley Hold the Date TMS Board Meeting
11/17/22 Fred Herz TMS Society Session Best Practices for “Closing” A Mediation
11/01/22 Colin Rule & Janet Martinez TMS MCLE Event Annual Presentation of TMS Award
10/20/22 Marissa Wertheimer Welcoming and Installing New Board Members for 2023 Members Reception at President Marissa Wertheimer’s Home in Mill Valley
10/19/22 Ellen Bass, Director, Weinstein JAMS Fellowship Program MCLE Society Session Mediation Development Around the World: Introducing the 2022 Weinstein JAMS International Fellows
09/23/22 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
09/13/22 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
05/10/22 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
05/05/22 JEFF HANCOCK: Founding Director, Stanford University Social Media Lab Harry and Norman Chandler Professor of Communication Stanford University MCLE Society Session Zoom Without Guilt: Understanding and Optimizing a Transformative Medium PDF File
03/08/22 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
03/01/22 Nicole R. McAtee, Danielle Goodman & Leslie Wallis of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. MCLE Society Session Lawyers in a time of COVID PDF File
01/27/22 Judges Garrett Wong (San Francisco), Steven Austin (Contra Costa) and Brad Seligman (Alameda) TMS Society Session Status of Trials in Bay Area Superior Courts After 2 Years of Covid
01/20/22 Hon. LaDoris Cordell TMS Society Session Annual Program in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
01/11/22 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
12/07/21 Paul Dubow and Jim Madison MCLE Roundtable Mediation Year in Review
11/16/21 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
11/10/21 Eric Butler MCLE Society Session Restorative Justice Conflict Mediation: The Circle Inside the Circle
11/02/21 Richard Birke Annual Installation and Awards Presentation The Many Disciplines that Make Mediation Magical
10/18/21 ABA Webinars ABA Mediation Week PDF File
09/30/21 Dana Curtis MCLE Society Session Working with Loss and Grief PDF File, DOC File
09/14/21 Marc Fong Board of Directors Meeting Via Zoom
09/09/21 Marc Fong Hold the Date Board of Directors’ Retreat (Tentative Date)
08/02/21 Marc Fong Board of Directors Meeting Via Zoom
06/08/21 Marc Fong, Serena Lee, Grande Lum, Nina Senn, Kay Suk Zoom Event: Registration link provided below AAPI Mediation Leaders Share Their Stories & Best Practices
05/18/21 Linda Schieber Society Session Conflict resolution in the United Nation Funds and Programmes: the role of the Ombudsman DOC File
05/06/21 Richard Collier and Gary Friedman MCLE Program POSTPONED-We Have to Stop Meeting Like This: Joint Sessions Revisited With Gary Friedman and Richard Collier
03/23/21 Kenneth Strongman MCLE Society Session Mediating with Self-Represented Litigants
01/20/21 Hon. David S. Cunningham, III, LA Superior Court with Ambassador J. Steven Rhodes Society Session Annual Program in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. PDF File
01/11/21 Marissa Wertheimer Hold the Date Board of Directors Meeting
12/08/20 Paul Dubow and Jim Madison MCLE Roundtable Mediation Year in Review
11/12/20 TMS Fun Committee Online Social TMS Online Social
10/14/20 Bruce Edwards MCLE virtual dinner and award presentation TMS Virtual Dinner and award presentation PDF File, PDF File
10/01/20 TMS Fun Committee Online Social TMS Online Social
09/23/20 Dr. Ammar Saheli, Lindsey S. Mignano, Jay Lee, Liên Payne MCLE Society Session Eliminating Bias in the Legal Industry: Actions to Recruit, Retain, and Advance Minorities and Intersectional Individuals in the Legal Profession
09/03/20 The Mediation Society Social Zoom TMS Social Zoom
06/30/20 TMS Fun Committee Online Social TMS Social Zoom
06/25/20 Tamara Lange Society Session Online ADR —A Court’s Response
04/23/20 Patricia Prince and Claudia Viera MCLE Society Session Best Strategies for Video-Conference Mediation – For Mediators
04/14/20 Bruce Edwards CANCELED CANCELED – Looking ahead: What our historical experience tells us about shaping the future of mediation
04/06/20 Colin Rule TMS Webinar The Nuts & Bolts Of Conducting Online Mediation PPT File
04/03/20 Randall Wulff CANCELED 9/11 Twin Towers Litigation
01/30/20 Grande Lum MCLE Society Session America’s Peacemaker: The Community Relations Service and Civil Rights
01/28/20 The Mediation Society TMS Dinner Event Carrying forward the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
12/10/19 Paul Dubow and Jim Madison MCLE Society Session Mediation Year in Review PDF File, PDF File, PDF File
11/20/19 Bob Sheppard Society Session Post Mediation – “Don’t You Let That Deal Go Down” (Best Practices, Practical Tips, Effective Follow up with parties/counsel, When to Finally End the Mediation without reaching a settlement) PDF File
10/30/19 Claudia Viera MCLE Society Session Mediating Sexual Harassment Cases in the #MeToo Era PDF File
09/17/19 Rob Fersh Dinner Annual Members Dinner & Installation of Officers
09/10/19 JAMS Society Session TMS Weinstein JAMS International Fellows Society Session
07/16/19 Prof Hiro Aragaki MCLE Society Session From A(fghanistan) to V(ietnam): Mediation Law in Comparative Perspective
06/13/19 Kenneth Strongman Society Session Buyer’s Remorse: What, if any, is the Mediator’s Response? PDF File
05/07/19 Colin Rule MCLE Society Session Online Dispute Resolution: Introducing the Fourth Party
04/25/19 Stewart Levine MCLE Reception and Program on Attorney Wellness The Best Lawyer You Can Be
02/27/19 Fred Hertz Society Session What’s Really Going On with the Diversity Issue? A Personal Look at the Challenges of the ABA Resolution on Diversity In ADR Provider Selection
01/29/19 Rod Thompson Society Session Dealing with Litigation Funding In Mediations
01/17/19 Gary Friedman MCLE Dinner Annual Dinner honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
11/28/18 Paul Dubow and Jim Madison MCLE Roundtable Mediation Year in Review DOC File, DOC File, PDF File, PDF File
11/08/18 TMS Roundtable Dealing with Difficult People / How to Maintain Neutrality in the Face of Obnoxious People
10/25/18 The Mediation Society Dinner Annual Members Dinner and installation of new Board Members and Officers
10/18/18 The Mediation Society Education Program The James Gilliland Symposium: A Dialogue on Rethinking Dispute Resolution
10/17/18 TMS with JAMS Society Session Understanding the role of body language in Mediation
09/26/18 Lawrence Rosen MCLE Roundtable Why Conflict Makes Clients Dumb, Really Dumb, like Kindergarten Dumb. And How to Make Them Smart Again PDF File, PDF File
09/11/18 TMS and JAMS Society Session TMS Weinstein JAMS International Fellows Society Session
08/09/18 Fred Hertz Society Session MCLE Mediating Fairness Issues in Estate Planning: Opportunities and Challenges PDF File, DOC File, PDF File, PDF File
07/12/18 Rachel Ehrlich Society Session MCLE Mediator Malpractice Insurance PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File
06/14/18 Alan R. Berkowitz Society Session Confidential Settlements Under TheTax Code In The #Me Too Environment DOC File, PDF File, PDF File
06/13/18 Ron Kelly MCLE Roundtable Want to Get Them Ready to Settle Before They Ever Arrive? PDF File
05/07/18 Howard Herman Society Session Special Ethical Problems PDF File
05/03/18 The Mediation Society Celebration 20th Anniversary
04/12/18 Frank Russo Society Session How to Bring Our Mediation Skills to the Political Process and Difficult Conversations
04/11/18 Rachel Ehrlich MCLE Roundtable Mediator Risk Management – Paperwork PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, OTHER File, PDF File
02/08/18 Rachel Ehrlich MCLE Society Session Mediator Risk Management – Paperwork and Malpractice Insurance PDF File, OTHER File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File
01/16/18 Chief Judge Karen Clopton Dinner Annual dinner in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King DOC File
01/12/18 Cameron Stout MCLE Roundtable Competence Issues PPT File
01/08/18 Hon John True (ret.) Society Session Mediation Follow Up PPT File
12/08/17 Jim Madison and Paul Dubow MCLE Roundtable The Mediation Year in Review DOC File, PDF File
11/13/17 Frank Russo Society Session Cartoons, Pictures, and Humor as Tools to Explain Mediation PDF File
10/02/17 Fred Luskin, Eileen Barker, Hon. Roy O. Chernus, Barbara Monty MCLE Society Session What Every Mediator Should Know About Forgiveness DOC File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File
09/26/17 Steve Sulmeyer Dinner TMS Annual Members Dinner — Awardee Gary Friedman
09/13/17 Ellen Bass TMS Weinstein JAMS International Fellows Society Session Alternative Dispute Resolution Developments Around the World PDF File
08/14/17 Fred Hertz MCLE Society Session Confidentiality PDF File, PDF File, PDF File
08/03/17 Dana Curtis Roundtable Mediator Practice Tips for Appellate Mediation PDF File
06/21/17 Richard J Collier MCLE Society Session A Matter of Trust: The Challenges of Mediating Inheritance Disputes PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, PDF File, AUDIO File
05/25/17 Lainey Feingold Dinner Structured Negotiation: A Twenty Year Track Record of Resolving Claims without Lawsuits
05/08/17 Rob Rosborough MCLE Society Session End-of-Life Care Decisions and Mediator as Facilitator: A Group Discussion of Alternate Roles for Mediators
04/27/17 Hon. John True (Ret) and Randolph W. Hall MCLE Society Session Mediator Challenges in the Face of Attorney-Client Conflict AUDIO File
03/13/17 Frank Russo Society Session How To Mediate Cases Where Worker’s Comp Is Involved
02/23/17 Fred Hertz Society Session Customizing the Mediation: The Mediator’s Role as Process Architect
01/19/17 David Mann Special Co-Sponsored MCLE Society Session Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession Prevention, Detection, and Treatment PDF File
01/16/17 The Mediation Society Dinner Annual Dinner to honor Martin Luther King
01/04/17 Fred Hertz and Matt Geyer Roundtable Overview of Global Pound Conference DOC File
12/07/16 Paul Dubow, Jim Madison Roundtable Year in Review PDF File, PDF File
11/02/16 Matt Geyer Society Session Mediator’s Proposals PDF File, PDF File
10/05/16 Farjana Yesmin Society Session Alternative Dispute Resolution Developments in Bangladesh
09/29/16 Carrie Menkel-Meadow Dinner 18th Annual Members Dinner
09/21/16 Seth Jaffe and James Gilliland, Jr. Roundtable Mediation Perspectives of In House and Outside Counsel DOC File, PDF File
09/07/16 Stephen Sulmeyer Society Session Transforming Impasse From Problem into Opportunity in Business Mediations PDF File, PDF File, PDF File
08/10/16 Hon. Richard Flier and Rachel Ehrlich Roundtable Documenting the Deal
05/18/16 Jan Martinez Dinner Dispute System Design: Underground to Online
05/04/16 Claudia Viera, John Warnloff Society Session Mediator Malpractice
04/27/16 Donna Shestowsky, Mark LeHocky Roundtable Making Use of the Behavioral Sciences: The practical implications for mediators of behavioral studies of litigant preferences, attorney handicapping and cognitive biases
04/12/16 Maxim Schrogin Society Session Mediation as Practised in Rwanda
03/16/16 Informal networking event
03/02/16 Ron Kelly Society Session Pre-hearing preparation
03/01/16 Jim Madison, Paul Dubow Roundtable Certification of Mediators
02/18/16 Homer LaRue Dinner Annual Dinner to honor Martin Luther King
12/30/15 Happy Holiday Hour East Bay
12/09/15 Paul Dubow, Jim Madison Roundtable Year in Review
12/02/15 Shahrad Milanfar Society Session Technology for Every Mediator
10/28/15 Bruce LeBeron Roundtable Litigation Decision Tree Analysis – What It Is and How It Can Best Be Used In Mediation
10/19/15 Patricia Prince, Malcolm Sher Society Session The Road to Cultural Understanding in a Diverse World: Recognizing and Avoiding Bias for More Successful Negotiations
10/06/15 Eva Patterson Dinner Race Matters
10/03/15 DRBF 19th Annual Meeting/Conference/Training Workshops
09/30/15 MCLE RT: Mediation Confidentiality presented by Ron Kelly, Paul Dubow & Jim Madison
06/03/15 MCLE Society Session Marin with Barbara Monty on Impasse
05/27/15 MCLE Roundtable – “The Prevalence and Destructive Effect of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession: The Lived Experience of a California Securities Attorney” presented by Cameron G. Stout
05/06/15 Mediation Society Dinner with Marvin Johnson, JD
05/06/15 Rob Rosborough Society Session Rob Rosborough presents “Does Meditation Make You a Better Mediator?” AUDIO File
04/01/15 Celebrating Human Greatness with John O’Grady
03/19/15 MCLE ROUNDTABLE: Rachel Ehrlich on How mediators can keep liability insurance company priorities from derailing settlement
03/04/15 Society Session Marin: How Does Viewing Conflicts through a Restorative Justice Lens Inform Mediation and Mediators? with Marissa Wertheimer
03/03/15 Mediation Society Dinner Event: “Learning to Mediate from the Heart: A Journey from Judging Parties to Connecting with Them” with David A. Hoffman
02/04/15 Society Session: Alternative Dispute Resolution Developments in Iran
02/04/15 Society Session: Alternative Dispute Resolution Developments in Iran
01/27/15 MCLE Roundtable: Challenges and Opportunities of Mediating with Elders and Their Families presented by Dana Curtis
01/21/15 MCLE Dinner Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Importance of Diversity in ADR
12/10/14 MCLE Roundtable: The Year in Review with Paul Dubow and Jim Madison
11/05/14 Society Session: Litigation Decision Tree Analysis – What It Is and How It Can Best Be Used In Mediation Presented by Bruce L. Beron
10/08/14 MCLE Roundtable: Mediating with Self-Represented Litigants, presented by Malcolm Sher
10/01/14 Society Session: The Development of Mediation Practices in India, China and Other Countries
09/18/14 The Mediation Society Annual Member Dinner and installation of new Officers
09/09/14 Society Session – Understanding Tree Law: A Handbook for Practitioners presented by Barri Kaplan Bonapart
06/04/14 Society Session: When Should a Mediator be ‘Evaluative?’ Timing and Technique presented by Justice Fred Morrison (Retd.)
05/14/14 DINNER EVENT: What Murderers Can Teach Peacemakers: Lessons from the Prison of Peace Project with Douglas E. Noll J.D., M.A., Mediator, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, Radio Host
05/07/14 Society Session: Mediator Follow-up — the Better Practices with Stephen Schrey
04/02/14 Society Session: Your Challenging Cases/Moments – An Open Discussion with Teri Sklar
03/26/14 Society Session: The Council Process — an Exciting Adjunct to Traditional Mediation Practice
03/25/14 Dinner Event: Learning to Respect Differences through Understanding Type in Dispute Resolution with Former Chief and current ADR Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James of the US District Court for N. CA
03/13/14 Resolving Construction Disputes in Real Time Using Dispute Resolution Boards
02/05/14 Society Session: Working with Insurance Issues in Mediation — The Inside Scoop Presented by Dolores Bastian Dalton
01/21/14 Dinner Event: Justice as Healing of Conflict with Fania E. Davis
01/09/14 MANAGING STRESS WITHOUT SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Keeping your emotional balance in high conflict mediations
12/15/13 TMS Annual Holiday Gathering
12/12/13 MCLE Roundtable: The Year in Review with Paul Dubow and Jim Madison
12/04/13 Society Session: Living in a World of Conflict: Reflections on Dispute Resolution in Today’s Middle East with Fred Hertz & Robert Terris
11/06/13 San Francisco Society Session: Ethical Dilemmas Mediators Face Presented by Claudia M. Viera
10/21/13 Society Session: Alternative Dispute Resolution Developments in Afghanistan and Malaysia: A Discussion of Cross-Border and Cross-Cultural Issues
10/09/13 Roundtable: Coaching in Mediation and its Effect on Mediation Success with Hon. Wayne D. Brazil (Ret.)
10/02/13 Society Session: Will Your Mediation Stay Confidential? with Ron Kelly
09/17/13 TMS Annual Dinner is SOLD OUT! if you’d like to get on the wait list or just attend the after-dinner Program at 7:45 p.m. email
09/11/13 The Ethics of Forgiveness What Every Lawyer and Mediator Should Know with Eileen Barker
08/07/13 Marketing for Mediators: Branding Your Practice Through Social Media” with Marina Sarmiento Feehan, Esq.
06/06/13 Mediator Selection: What Goes Into It
06/05/13 The Role of Financial Experts in Mediation: Leveraging Time and Expertise with Discussion Leaders: Laurie Fried and Michele Heisler New Leaf Financial Advisory
05/14/13 Psychology & Mediation: Essential Tips for Mediators with Jean R. Sternlight
05/03/13 The Mediation Society 2013 Public Education Conference
04/03/13 The Self of Peace: What Conflict Resolution Teaches Us About Who We Really Are with Discussion Leader: Elizabeth Bader
03/20/13 Roundtable: Binding Mediation – Dream or Nightmare? with Ron Kelly
03/14/13 DINNER CANCELLED. Due to the sequestration, The speaker, a component head at the Dept of Justice had to cancel his appearance.
03/13/13 Society Session with Elizabeth Tippin Twinkie Defense
02/12/13 Mediating with the Difficult to the Disturbed A Roundtable with Jim Cawood
02/06/13 Society Session: East Bay Mediator’s Proposals/High-Low Brackets – How We Do Them/Should We Do Them? with Discussion Leaders: Claudia Viera & David Meadows
01/17/13 Society Session: Mediating Internal Workplace Disputes: An Interactive Discussion with Maureen Hochler
01/07/13 January 2013 Dinner-with featured speaker Michelle LeBaron, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia
12/11/12 December Roundtable: Year in Review with Paul Dubow and Jim Madison MCLE Pending
12/07/12 Society Session with Victoria Pynchon How to Deal with Bias in Mediation
11/07/12 Society Session with David Meadows: Skillful Mediator Responses To Behaviors That Push Our Buttons – An Interactive Discussion
10/16/12 TMS Annual Dinner with Guest Speaker Hon. Jeremy Fogel: “Has the Paradigm Really Shifted?” and Presentation of Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Mediation Award to Paul J. Dubow
10/09/12 Roundtable: Mediating with Insurance Representatives with Tracy Lemmon and Marc Feder
10/03/12 Society Session – South Bay Day-Long Mediations: How Long is Too Long? with James R. Madison
09/19/12 Roundtable: An American in Admont: An American Admont: New Perspectives on Business Mediation from Abroad led by Patricia Prince and Dana Curtis with JAMS’ Bruce Edwards and Ellen Bass
09/12/12 Society Session with Malcolm Sher: Mediating with Skype-Video-Conference Technology
07/11/12 Society Session: Oakland Jim Cawood – Mediating with the Difficult to Disturbed
06/13/12 A Call for Evidence Based Standards for Mediator Quality with Gary Weiner Mediation Program Administrator for the Court of Appeal, First Appellate District
06/06/12 Society Session: Getting a Business Back on Track: Mediating Partnership Disputes with Self-Represented Parties with Patricia Prince
05/23/12 The Mediation Table in 2012 – What Changes Are Ahead? with featured speaker Bruce Edwards
05/02/12 Society Session: East Bay Gary Weiner – Report on Current Mediation Research
04/12/12 Roundtable with Mia Blackler Mediating Financial Institutions Litigation in a Challenging Economy
04/04/12 Society Session: San Francisco Rebecca Westerfield – Insurance Issues in Mediation
03/22/12 Dinner Program: When the Parties want to Walk, Making Money Talk Effectively Mediating Claims Primarily About Money with featured speaker J. Anderson Little, Esq.
03/07/12 Society Session-Oakland Mediator Ethical Dilemmas: Challenging Situations Faced by Attorney Mediators with Claudia M. Viera
02/15/12 Roundtable: Dealing with Difficult People in Mediation led by Renowned Mediator and Arbitrator Ruth V. Glick
01/19/12 Society Session-Oakland Unique Forms of Pre-Mediation Preparation designed to Settle Cases with Ron Kelly
01/11/12 Dinner: New Voices and Data on Settlement Decision Making: What We’ve Learned from 6,000 Cases and 15,000 Attorneys in California and New York with Randall Kiser
12/07/11 Roundtable: Year in Review Proposed New Laws re: Mediation A Discussion led by Jim Madison and Paul Dubow 1.5 MCLE approved
11/14/11 Roundtable: Beyond our Bay Area Borders: Reflections on the International Summer School on Business Mediation in Admont, Austria and Mediation in China
10/13/11 Roundtable with Mair Alight for on No-Fault Mediation
10/06/11 13th Annual Membership Dinner with Lorraine Brennan Mediation in the Global Marketplace: Lessons learned and future predictions
08/24/11 Society Session: Mediation in Germany and the European Union – Recent Developments – with Professor Ulla Glaesser, LL.M. and Ph.D
06/22/11 TMS Roundtable – Power to the People: Dilemmas When a Judge-Mediator Gives It Back led by Hon. Anne BeytinTorkington (Ret.) and Hon. Steven B. Berlin
06/21/11 Mediator Billing Etiquette: Billing and Cancellation Policies, Practices and Collection Procedures
06/09/11 TMS Dinner with Assemblymember Bill Monning: The Role of Mediation in State Government: Budget, Policy and Agency Practices
06/01/11 TMS East Bay Society Session: Mediator Billing Etiquette: Rates, Billing Practices and Cancellation Policies
05/09/11 Society Session on Listening Facilitated by Nancy E. Hudgins, a San Francisco-based mediator Noon
04/29/11 2011 Education Program: Mediating in the Dark: Strategies, Techniques, and Opportunities in a Stormy Financial Climate At Golden Gate University 1 to 5 p.m. – Please see our bulletin page for detailed schedule
04/06/11 Roundtable Breakfast Presenting: Mediator Neutrality in a Multi-Cultural World: Increasing Awareness of Unconcious Bias led by Professors Carol Izumi and Claudia M. Viera, Esq.
03/15/11 March Dinner Program: The Demands of Society: New Applications for Mediation with Laurel Kaufer at Villa Taverna, San Francisco
02/09/11 The Cassel Decision: Implications for Mediation Confidentiality led by Gary Weiner
01/11/11 What does Brain Science Teach Us About How to Make Better Decisions Under (Mediation) Pressure? with Sian Beilock Associate Professor at the University of Chicago
12/08/10 Year in Review/Proposed New Laws re: Mediation discussion led by Jim Madison and Paul Dubow
11/11/10 A TMS Society Session – Creating an Effective Marketing Plan: Myths, Strategies and Experiences with Frederick Hertz and Claudia M. Viera
10/21/10 An East Bay Roundtable – A Bridge Too Far? Resolving Construction Disputes on San Francisco Bay Bridges Dispute Review Boards – What They Are and How They Work
09/28/10 The Mediation Society Celebrates the 12th ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DINNER and INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS and Presentation of Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Mediation to Dana Curtis
08/18/10 Recognizing Motivated Reasoning for Better Mediation Results (Why Don’t “They” Analyze the Dispute Logically?)
06/16/10 Roundtable Breakfast with Bob Luft on Crossing the Finish Line in Mediation (Taking the “almost” out of “almost settled” in Mediation)
05/17/10 TMS Dinner “Mediation from Hell” with Mike Young presenting
04/20/10 Recognizing Motivated Reasoning for Better Mediation Results: Why Don’t “They” Analyze the Dispute Logically? -with Patricia Prince
04/08/10 TMS Annual CLE Program presented at the ABA Dispute Resolution Conference, by Dana Curtis and Richard Collier
03/25/10 TMS Dinner The Wonder of ‘Winging It’ – Using Improvisation as a Mindset in Mediation with Jeff Krivis
02/09/10 Finding Our Core Values as Mediators with Bob Fries
01/20/10 “All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go: Random Thoughts Of A Mediator-Turned-Judge On The Effects Of Private ADR On The Civil Justice System” with The Hon. John M. True III, Alameda County Superior Court
12/09/09 2009 Roundup of California Mediation Cases & Statutes with Jim Madison presenting the 2009 highlights in case law and statutes impacting mediation 7:45 a.m. Breakfast 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Program at Golden Gate University, San Francisco 536 Mission Street, Room 2310 (2nd Floor) – Dean’s Conference Room
10/13/09 The Year in Legislation –What’s Been Happening to Affect You As a Mediator with Paul Dubow and Maury Zilber
10/01/09 ELEVENTH ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DINNER and INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS with Paul Ekman Author of Telling Lies, Emotions Revealed, and Emotional Awareness: Conversations with the Dalai Lama Topic Presented: “Compassion”
06/24/09 Authentic Mediation Conversation/Communication Where Are You When You Are Mediating and To Whom Are You Listening? with Daniel Bowling ADR Program Staff Attorney,US District Court for Northern California
06/05/09 The Anatomy of a Mediation TMS’s Annual MCLE Program
05/06/09 Roundtable Breakfast: Customizing the Mediation Process with Michael P. Carbone
04/30/09 Dinner Meeting: ADR in Professional Sports with Lal Heneghan, Esq. Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the San Francisco 49ers
02/25/09 February Roundtable Breakfast with Malcolm Sher, Sher-Minnard LLP Special Challenges to Mediating Multi-party Cases So why do I feel like an octopus out of water?
01/22/09 January Dinner at the Atrium

The World Trade Center Property Damage Appraisal

presented by Randall W. Wulff

12/11/08 2008 Roundup of California Mediation Cases & Statutes
06/24/08 Breakfast Roundtable With Judy Barber and Frederick Hertz Resolving Family Co-Ownership Conflicts
05/30/08 6th Annual Education Program
05/06/08 Introducing Mediation to Asia, the Middle East and Latin America with Victor Schachter, Fenwick & West
04/15/08 TMS April Roundtable
03/11/08 Mediation Society Dinner
03/03/08 TMS Board Meeting
02/14/08 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
01/29/08 Mediation Society Dinner
12/11/07 December 11 Breakfast Roundtable
11/13/07 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
11/08/07 Mediation Society/BASF Brown Bag Lunch Program
09/25/07 9th Annual Membership and Officer Installation Dinner
09/07/07 Mediation Society Board Meeting
06/29/07 Mediation Society Board Meeting/Retreat
06/01/07 Mediation Society Education Program
05/23/07 Mediation Society Dinner
04/20/07 Mediation Society Board Meeting
04/12/07 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
03/26/07 Mediation Society Dinner
03/09/07 Mediation Society Board Meeting
02/07/07 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
01/18/07 January 18, 2007 Mediation Society Dinner
01/12/07 Mediation Society Board Meeting
12/14/06 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
11/03/06 Mediation Society Board Meeting
10/18/06 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
09/26/06 Mediation Society Annual Dinner
09/22/06 Mediation Society Board Meeting
07/14/06 Mediation Society Board Meeting
06/20/06 Mediation Society Roundtable
05/17/06 Mediation Society Dinner
04/28/06 Mediation Society Education Workshop Program
04/11/06 Mediation Society Roundtable
03/17/06 Mediation Society Board Meeting
03/09/06 Mediation Society Dinner
02/07/06 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
01/17/06 January 17, 2006 Mediation Society Dinner
11/18/05 TMS BOARD Meeting
10/21/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
10/06/05 7th Annual Membership & Officer Installation Dinner
09/16/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
06/14/05 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
06/03/05 Mediation Society Annual Board Retreat
05/18/05 Mediation Society Dinner
05/13/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
04/12/05 demo Mediation Society Breakfast Roumdtable
04/08/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
03/11/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
03/10/05 Mediation Society Breakfast Roundtable
02/11/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
02/04/05 February 4, 2005 Special Breakfast Event
01/25/05 Mediation Society Dinner
01/14/05 Mediation Society Board Meeting
12/14/04 December 14, 2004 Breakfast Roundtable
12/10/04 Mediation Society Board Meeting
10/19/04 October 19, 2004 Breakfast Roundtable
10/15/04 TMS Board Meeting
09/14/04 Annual Dinner – September 14, 2004
09/10/04 TMS Board Meeting
03/18/04 March 18, 2004 Dinner: DOES ADR SPECIALIZATION WORK?
03/12/04 March 12, 2004 Board Meeting
02/18/04 February 18, 2004 Roundtable
01/14/04 January 14, 2004 Mediation Society Dinner
01/09/04 January 9th Mediation Society Board Meeting
12/09/03 December 9, 2003 Breakfast Roundtable
11/21/03 November 21, 2003 Board Meeting
11/13/03 Dinner: Thursday, November 13, 2003
10/14/03 Mediation Society Roundtable
09/17/03 Mediation Society’s Annual Dinner
09/12/03 Mediation Society Board Meeting
07/11/03 TMS Board Meeting
06/10/03 Mediation Society Roundtable
05/10/03 Spring Workshop: DIVERSITY IN MEDIATION
03/18/03 Dinner: Tuesday, March 18, 2003
03/14/03 Board Meeting
01/15/03 Dinner: An Evening With Bruce A. Edwards
12/10/02 Mediation Society Roundtable
11/13/02 Dinner: Appellate Mediation: Selected Issues, Inside and Out
11/08/02 TMS Board Meeting
10/08/02 Breakfast Roundtable
09/18/02 Fourth Annual Membership Dinner
06/11/02 ROUNDTABLE: Dealing with the Difficult Lawyer
05/15/02 Dinner: Mediating the Multiparty Case with Cathy Yanni
05/02/02 Workshop: Building a Profitable Mediation Practice
04/10/02 Roundtable: True Confessions- Mistakes of the Mediator
03/06/02 Dinner: Mediator Ethics with Judge Freedman
01/30/02 Third Annual Membership Dinner with Jay Folberg
12/11/01 Breakfast Roundtable: The Written Word in Mediation
11/14/01 Mediation – A Personality Altering Profession
11/03/01 Mediation Advocacy Workshop
10/09/01 The Fine Print in Foxgate
09/11/01 Third Annual Membership Dinner
07/12/01 Marketing a Mediation Practice
05/16/01 Memorable Moments in Mediation
02/01/01 Passionate Mediation: The Essential Ingredient