The Mediation Society (TMS) is a Northern California non-profit organization of experienced mediators who meet regularly for enhanced professional development,  networking amongst peers and the advancement of the mediation field.  TMS members are primarily, but not exclusively, focused on commercial disputes and civil litigation.  To further this end, TMS offers members and guests educational workshops and dinners in the San Francisco Bay Area featuring local, national and international speakers.


Mediator's Corner

Questions to Ask Before Your Mediation by

The resolution of a dispute does not just occur on the day of the mediation.   Each participant to mediation needs to prepare their own strategy for negotiation in the settlement.  In other words, there is homework that needs to be done to have a successful resolution. Based on my experience as a mediator, here are a few tasks each participant needs to complete before the mediation. These tasks and the discussions with the mediator are confidential.   They are confidential under both Attorney Client privilege and under mediation confidential provisions in court rules, statutes, and standards. Do you and your opponent […]

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