TMS Event Details

Event Title: Mediator’s Proposals

Event Type: Society Session


Remmers Global

Ordway Conference Room – 235

1 Kaiser Plaza

Oakland, CA

Presenter: Matt Geyer

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Time: Noon to 1:30pm
(Please bring your own lunch)



This program covers the use of mediator’s proposals in a range of civil cases.  The potential benefits and risks of making a mediator’s proposal, and best practices regarding timing and procedures for making one, will all be discussed and an exchange of ideas and experiences encouraged.  So bring your war stories.

Discussion Leader

Matthew Geyer

Matt Geyer was a commercial litigation partner with Landels Ripley & Diamond and later Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, from 1985-2002.  He has been a AAA arbitrator since 1991, and a solo neutral since 2003, when he began mediating.  He is on the AAA’s Mediation Panel and its Large Complex Case, Commercial and Securities Panels.