TMS Event Details

Event Title: Overview of Global Pound Conference

Event Type: Roundtable


Nixon Peabody
One Embarcadero Center
Suite 1800
San Francisco

Presenter: Fred Hertz and Matt Geyer

Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Time: 7:45am Breakfast
8am - 9am Program


The Global Pound Conference (“GPC”), which is sponsored by the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”), is coming to the Bay Area on February 24, 2017 at Hastings College of the Law.  On January 4, 2017, Fred Hertz and Matt Geyer will lead a TMS Roundtable discussion about the GPC and the San Francisco conference.

A copy of the questions to be discussed at the conference will be emailed to TMS members who sign up for this TMS Roundtable.

You can also sign up to attend the Global Pound Conference, have your answers counted and hear what others have to say by using this link (sign up for a Regular Registration).

The following is a brief summary of GPC.

At each GPC local conference, a series of four panels addresses various aspects of dispute resolution.  At each of four consecutive panel sessions, attendees who self-identify as either users (parties), advisors (counsel) or providers (practitioners or organizations) of mediation, arbitration or other ADR services are polled electronically on a series of half a dozen or so questions, about:

(1) what users need and expect from ADR,
(2) how the market is addressing those needs and expectations, (3) how ADR can be improved to overcome obstacles and challenges, and
(4) what actions should be taken to promote better access to justice.

At each of these four sessions, results are tallied and displayed within minutes, following which a pre-selected panel made up of users, advisors, providers or influencers (academics, legislators, judges) speaks to various aspects of the questions asked in each session.  Many of the users voting from the seats or speaking on the panels will be from corporate or other large users/parties, or from organizations of or counsel representing such users/parties.

The results from conferences in various cities around the world are then tallied and published in a final report.  Among many other cities, local conferences were held in Singapore, Mexico City, New York and Madrid earlier this year, and many more will be held in places like Austin, Sidney, Los Angeles, Dubai, New Delhi, Moscow, Washington, DC and London next year.

Materials concerning the conference will be emailed to TMS Roundtable registrants prior to the discussion, and we encourage you to review and print them out to bring to the Roundtable on January 4.

We hope to see you at our Nixon Peabody Roundtable on January 4, and at the Global Pound Conference on February 24!

Attendees should REVIEW AND DOWNLOAD THE CORE QUESTIONS prior to attending the Roundtable.


Frederick Hertz
 Frederick Hertz is an attorney and mediator with offices in Oakland and San Francisco. He previously handled litigation involving the dissolution of real property co-tenancies, including tenants-in-common, family co-ownerships, and domestic partnership dissolutions, and the related aspects of property and financial disputes between unmarried couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex, as well as purchase & sale and ownership of real property matters. Mr. Hertz’ legal practice is now limited to drafting real property co-ownership agreements, cohabitation agreements, and premarital agreements for couples, both gay and straight.


Matthew Geyer
Matt Geyer was a commercial litigation partner with Landels Ripley & Diamond and later Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, from 1985-2002.  He has been a AAA arbitrator since 1991, and a solo neutral since 2003, when he began mediating.  He is on the AAA’s Mediation Panel and its Large Complex Case, Commercial and Securities Panels.