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Event Title: Psychology & Mediation: Essential Tips for Mediators with Jean R. Sternlight

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Location: 6 p.m. Cocktails 7 p.m. Dinner L'Olivier in San Francisco 465 Davis Court, San Francisco (between Jackson and Washington)


Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time: 12:00 AM


The best mediators realize that the human aspect of mediation is essential. Guided by both intuition and training these mediators understand the vagaries of perception and memory, know how to listen and communicate effectively, understand how to help people make judgments and decisions, and appreciate peoples’ varying concepts of justice. The field of cognitive and social psychology has been studying these kinds of psychological issues for many years and can provide very helpful insights to mediators about disputants, their attorneys, and the mediators themselves. Come to this collegial and interesting dinner to learn about some of the most relevant recent psychological research and how to apply it to your mediation practice. n
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