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Event Title: Society Session on Listening Facilitated by Nancy E. Hudgins, a San Francisco-based mediator Noon

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Date: Monday, May 9, 2011

Time: 12:00 AM


1. Listening is different from hearing. Most of us are very good at hearing. Few of us are very good at listening. Listening is active. Hearing is passive.
2. Listening is useful in its own right; it creates a connection with the parties.
3. Listening sets the table for persuading.
4. At the end of the day, if a party feels heard and respected, s/he is more likely to listen to you if/when reality testing is needed.

1. Steps of active listening
2. Listening Exercise

Who uses active listening?
What are your experiences with it?
Do you find it useful? How?
If you havenft engaged in it, do you think it would be useful? How?

565 Commercial Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 œ RSVP: 415.979.0100