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Event Title: The Role of Financial Experts in Mediation: Leveraging Time and Expertise with Discussion Leaders: Laurie Fried and Michele Heisler New Leaf Financial Advisory

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Location: Wulff Quinby & Sochynsky 1901 Harrison Street, Suite 1420 Oakland, CA 94612


Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time: 12:00 AM


Are the increasingly complex financial issues central to your mediations becoming barriers to efficient and effective settlements? Mediators can leverage their time and expertise by delegating the responsibility of financial analysis to a skilled expert. Financial experts use objective criteria and tools to work with both parties in mediation and help them define their financial goals, concerns and objectives. This work is common in divorce mediations, however, this program will also discuss methods/services that may be useful in business dissolutions and other areas. Financial experts assist the parties in making confident and informed decisions that address the needs of everyone and ultimately help lead to more durable agreements.

In this presentation, we will share how we can use our experience in the following areas to help make you more effective as a mediator:

• Business Valuation
• Cashflow and Budgeting Analysis
• Financial Forecasts and Projections
• Debt and Financing
• Real Estate
• Asset Valuation
• Litigation
• Structured Settlements

Please provide your own lunch – no charge to attend