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Event Title: Thirty-Minute Drop-In Mediations at Burning Man – A Surprisingly Successful Experiment

Event Type: MCLE Program


Via Zoom

Presenter: Ron Kelly

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023

Time: 12 Noon to 1:30pm PST


Presenter: Ron Kelly
Since the mid-80’s, Ron Kelly has been actively involved in the formation of mediation law and policy. He initiated and guided enactment of California’s main Evidence Code chapter defining and governing mediation and played a central role nationally in drafting the Uniform Mediation Act, now adopted in a dozen states. He’s been mediating since 1970. Ron’s trained thousands of judges, attorneys, and business professionals in mediation skills both here and abroad. Judges in every Superior Court in the Bay Area have chosen to take his mediation trainings. He’s been honored with ten major awards for his work in building the field.


Program Description:

Can you effectively mediate a relationship dispute in half an hour? Can you run a successful public drop-in mediation clinic? As an experiment 20 years ago, Ron designed and offered a 30-minute mediation process. It turned out to be amazingly effective.

Ron offered free drop-in mediations at Burning Man for a decade. It was probably the most interesting mediation work he did. He’s used this model with couples, family members, coworkers, and neighbors in serious disputes. Ron’s offered it at street fairs and in neighborhoods. California’s judicial branch asked him to offer training in this model to all of its Family Court mediators. He’s also provided these trainings to everyone from judges to community volunteers, both here and abroad.

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