About Membership

TMS welcomes applications from experienced professionals who primarily mediate commercial disputes and civil litigation as the core of their ADR practice. Criteria for membership includes significant educational development in mediation and substantial experience as a mediator in a range and quantity of cases focused on the resolution of business, employment, real estate, construction, personal injury and similar matters.

Annual membership dues are $195 plus a one-time new membership fee of $150.


Policy For Diversity

The Mediation Society is committed to supporting and fostering diversity in its membership to include mediators of color, women, persons with disabilities and persons of differing sexual orientations and gender identities. Accordingly, the Society:

(a) Encourages application for membership by diverse neutrals.

(b) Encourages nomination and sponsorship of diverse neutrals for membership.

 (c) Aims to professionally support diverse neutrals in their practice development. 

(d) Aims to initiate discussions among members and provide educational programs for mediators on topics of diversity of mediators and participants in mediation. 



Members who are retired from the professional practice of mediation (mediating as a volunteer excepted), and who have paid TMS dues for 15 contiguous years will be eligible for Lifetime Emeritus status and granted such status upon the review and approval of the Board. Lifetime Emeritus Members will (1) be acknowledged for their contribution to the Society on the website, (2) not be required to pay dues, and (3) be able to register and attend dinners and other Society events at their own cost by registering as a guest of the President of the Society. The Board will have ongoing supervision of this status and its retention by those who are granted this privilege and may make such modifications to Lifetime Emeritus membership as appropriate in the future.

Benefits of Membership

  • Educational programs at no cost to members
  • Multiple MCLE accredited events throughout the year at no cost
  • Dinner events featuring recognized leaders in mediation
  • Access to Members Only website section, featuring materials and recordings of past presentations
  • Opportunities to participate as Committee and Board Members
  • Platforms to present educational programs and publish articles
  • Engagement with experienced and well-recognized leaders in Bay Area mediation
  • Access to special professional gatherings and education programs